1 and 2 December 2023
Nedbank, Sandton, Johannesburg

Empower SMEs with AI-embedded financial solutions

Join our IRL banking and AI hackathon, hosted by Nedbank and Create user-friendly AI-driven tools that steer South African small and medium enterprises (SMEs) towards scalable growth. You'll get exclusive access to Nedbank’s banking APIs, including the new PayShap API, to help.

We are looking for creative SME solutions that:

  • Embed payment and savings functions with minimum friction and maximum automation.

  • Enhance financial management and strategic planning.

  • Provide concise, impactful financial advice and insights to bolster growth.

Hackathon information

What you'll get out of it

  • Exclusive access to Nedbank’s banking APIs, including the new PayShap API.

  • Learn how to leverage the capabilities of GPT-4 to solve real-world problems.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of business problems in South Africa.

  • Get away from the grind and have fun with other developers.

  • Get an awesome swag pack and a chance to win cool prizes.

How we'll help you win

  • Mentorship, insights and guidance from seasoned AI experts.

  • Help onboarding to the API beforehand so that you can get comfortable.

  • Nedbank API experts will be on hand to provide dedicated support.

  • Detailed business problems to help you understand typical SME challenges.

  • Facilitated ideation sessions to help you refine your innovative solutions.

Important dates

  • Registration opens: 18 Oct 2023, 12:00

  • Registration closes: 19 Nov 2023, 23:59

  • Day 1 Kick-off: 1 Dec 2023, 18:00 - 21:15

  • Day 2 Build: 2 Dec 2023, 08:30 - 21:00


  • Day 1: Collaborate in teams of 4-5 and brainstorm innovative solutions.

  • Day 2: Bring your solutions to life. Showcase your build to our judging panel.

Prizes up for grabs

1st Prize

  • Bose Quiet Comfort earbuds II

  • TomToc Slash 18L Backpack

  • R1500 in Avo from Nedbank vouchers

2nd Prize

  • Logitech Vertical Ergonomic mouse

  • TomToc Slash 18L Backpack

  • R2000 in Avo from Nedbank vouchers

3rd Prize

  • TomToc Slash 18L Backpack

  • R2000 in Avo from Nedbank vouchers

Hackathon requirements

  • Show up with a smile and be ready to have fun!

  • Teams will be allocated for you. But let us know if you want to work with a friend.

  • Bring your laptop along. We will not provide equipment.

  • You need to attend both days and demo your solution.

  • You will have access to a Nedbank API account for the duration of the hackathon.

  • Your solution should resonate with our theme of bolstering SMEs.

  • There are limited spaces available. Look out for your confirmation of a secured spot.

  • By participating, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the hackathon.


Do I have to pay to participate?
No, participation is free.
Who can join?
Anyone who knows there way around an API and loves to build and tinker is welcome to register.
Can I work with friends on a team?
Sure, let us know who you would like to work with and we can try to put you in a team together.
What languages or technologies must I use?
There are no restrictions on languages or tech stack. You need to incorporate at least one of the Nedbank APIs in your solution.
Which Nedbank APIs will I get access to for the hackathon?
You will be provided sandbox access to the Nedbank Accounts, Payments and PayShap API for the duration of the hackathon.
How will I know what problems SMEs face?
Don’t worry, we’ll share detailed business problems to help you understand SME challenges. You can also keep your eyes peeled to see what problems your business faces or ask your finance person for a coffee chat to learn more.
What does my entry need to be like? Does it need to be fully functioning?
Your entry should represent a working POC that demonstrates a tangible solution, using the Nedbank APIs, and aligning with the overarching theme of solving SME challenges. While it doesn't need to be a polished, production-level application, the POC should actively showcase the practicality and potential of your solution.

Do I have to demo at the event?
Yes, your team must do a demo of your entry for the judges and other attendees on Saturday evening, 2 December 2023.
What are the judging criteria?
Judges will be looking at the quality of your idea, the potential impact of your solution for SMEs, and how well you implemented it.
I can’t attend the kick-off on 1 December 2023, but I really want to participate on 2 December 2023. Is this possible?
Participants must be available to attend both days. However, get in touch with us at to see if we can accommodate you.
Will there be parking available?
Yes, there is lots of parking available at Nedbank.
Will there be catering for the event?
All meals, snacks and drinks will be catered for at the event. Please let us know any of your dietary requirements on the registration form.
I have a question that isn’t answered here. How can I find out more?
Get in touch with us on We will be happy to answer any questions you have.
What happens to my API access after the hackathon?
Your API access will be revoked after the hackathon. After the hackathon You can apply to the Nedbank API marketplace for access.